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Relax Gem Essence

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Ever wished you could have something in your pocket that would help you chill out? Something to give your heart and mind a gentle nudge to let whatever it is go? Something to help your mind unwind and relax, so you can breathe easier and be more yourself.

This Gem essence is hand created infusing each bottle with a blend of crystals designed to let your harness their vibrational charge and enjoy the benefits of their support -- a trip to the spa in a bottle, easy to use on the go or as part of your morning or nighttime routine.

Instead of walking around with your pockets (or bra) filled with crystals, now you can power up your person by putting this gem essence directly onto your tongue or in your water bottle for an all day boost.

Created with intention under a full moon, it packs an extra planetary punch.

Unwind. Release your worries and let it go. Warm and fuzzy factor high.

Contains essences of:

Rose Quartz, soothes your heart, the stone of love and self-love, gentle, compassionate, tender and healing

Snakeskin Agate, promotes inner peace and self love

Blue Lace Agate, extremely calming, brings peace of mind

Amethyst, relaxing, soothing, promotes connection to higher wisdom

Preserved in brandy and rosewater.

Take a few drops on your tongue or add to your water bottle to unwind and relax.

1oz bottle.