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Sparkle Gem Essence

Sparkle Gem Essence

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Pep up your positive energy and get those eyes sparkling with this fun-infused blend.

Each hand-crafted bottle of Sparkle Gem Essence was created with intention under a harvest full moon to pack an extra sparkly planetary punch. Not only is this essence charged with the unique combination of crystals, but also radiant full moon beams also infuse the blend. The crystals in this essence were intentionally chosen to aid in cultivating more sparkle, joy and radiance. 

Contains essences of:

  • 24 Carat Gold: strengthen your confidence and infuse yourself with solid gold. 
  • Herkimer Diamond: for shining bright like a diamond, radiating light and purifying your energy. 
  • Citrine: for radiant confidence and supportive boundaries. 
  • Golden apatite: a stone of hope and positivity, amplifies abundant opportunities and helps break negative patterns.  
  • Golden fluorite: promotes positivity, love of life and emotional well being. 
  • Peacock ore: cleanse, balance and align your chakras. Grounds nervous energy and helps you align with yourself from the inside out for maximum sparkle.
  • Ruby in fuchite: to dissolve emotional blocks and help you express your true self. 

Preserved in organic glycerine and distilled water.  Vegan and cruelty free.  1 ounce bottle. 

Take a few drops on your tongue or add to your water bottle to infuse yourself with diamonds and gold, here to help you sparkle and shine bright.  

Pairs well with:
Grounding - to be grounded while you're sparkling and radiant. 
Pleasure- for a fun, pleasurable time.
Create your own 3 pack.