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Ritual Candle

Ritual Candle

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Candles enhance a space and unlock your magic.  Each 9 ounce candle is hand-poured soy wax, created with ritual and intention.  Each one has a crystal on the bottom that is charged and available for you to add to your collection after you've burned the candle.  Burn time is approximately 60 hours. 

Every candle comes dressed with crystals on top for extra energetic support and infused with a scent to evoke the intention of the candle.  

Rose quartz on the bottom and citrine on the top
Scented with rose and hints of frankincense for a warm earthy aroma. 

Serpentine on the bottom and garnet on the top
Scented with woodsy, earthy tones and a note of floral, to inspire your connection to mother earth.  

Labradorite on the bottom, lapis lazuli on the top. 

Carnelian on the bottom and moonstone on top

Tigers eye on the bottom and citrine on top

Green aventurine on the bottom and peridot
Scented with lemongrass and jasmine for a rich, abundant aroma. 

Amethyst on the bottom and quartz on the top
Scented with chamomile and sage to help you relax and unwind. 

Unscented available if you put a note to seller in your order.  All candles are made to order and ship within 10 days.