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Entrepreneurs Elixir Gem Essence

Entrepreneurs Elixir Gem Essence

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Bummed out because all the abundance/money draw oils and essences aren't tailored to the small business owner? Wishing there was something designed to help you step into your role as boss/baller-shot-caller and draw in the money and opportunities your business needs?

Ever wished you could have something in your pocket that would turn you into a confident money magnet? That it would help you draw in money and opportunities and show up in the world like the confident boss you are?

Introducing Entrepreneurs Elixir, specifically blended to support the self-employed small business owners. This is not your average wealth blend.

This Gem essence is hand created infusing each bottle with a blend of crystals designed to let your harness their vibrational charge and enjoy the benefits of their support -- specifically blended for business owners, designed to amplify your impact in the world, help you show up and do your work, and make more money doing it.

Instead of walking around with your pockets (or bra) filled with crystals, now you can power up your person by putting this gem essence directly onto your tongue or in your water bottle for an all day boost.

Created with intention under the summer solstice sun and full moon, they pack an extra planetary punch. This essence absorbed not only the crystal charge but also the summer solstice sun rays and full moon beams.

For the Self-Employed, Amplify your work and be a money magnet. Baller factor high.

Contains essences of:

Green Aventurine, a lucky stone, great for manifesting wealth and opportunities

Raw Rainbow Fluorite, to help you show up for your life purpose and walk your path

Ruby in Fuchsite, to dissolve emotional blocks holding you back

Jade, to draw money into your life, also good for love and protection from misfortunes

Green Calcite, extremely stable energy, great for manifesting prosperity and business growth

Grossularite, a powerful prosperity and abundance stone, great for bringing your visions to life

Green Beryl, to overcome obstacles and get things done

Preserved in organic glycerine and distilled water.  Vegan and cruelty free. 

Take a few drops on your tongue or add to your water bottle to infuse yourself with an extra dose of money magnetism.

1oz bottle.