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Gemstones & Meanings

Sometimes you don't quite know what you need until you see it. Check out which stones I used, and why, to create each unique blend.  Pay attention to what jumps out at you or calls to you, that's likely what you need more of in your life.  

List of stones and meanings:  

Amazonite: bolsters your confidence, helps you communicate your truth with balance and integrity.  Enhances intuition, creativity and trust.   Helps you communicate your truth to others. Used in Abundance.   

Amethyst: relaxing, soothing, promotes connection to higher wisdom.  Helps nurture calm, connection to yourself, relaxation and inner peace.  Used to create Intuition and Relax

Amethyst and Citrine Spirit Cactus Quartz:  increases feelings of self-worth and empowerment, amplifies all other crystals in the blend.  Known as a crystal of universal love, it enhances manifestation and spiritual connection.  Used to create Confidence

Angel Aura Quartz to enhance your communication with your spirit guides and guardians, promotes inner peace and is really supportive to your manifestations.  Used to create Intuition

Aquamarine: free yourself from old ways of thinking and 'go with the flow'. Enhances communication and works on clearing emotional blocks.  Used to create Pleasure

Atlantisite: open your senses, enhances your visualization and supports emotional healing. Used to create Pleasure

Blue Apatite: helps you not to get caught in the weeds, gives you a higher perspective on situations. Used in Abundance.  

Blue Aventurine: to clear out old energy and make space for inner growth and spiritual work.  Helps support your inner strength.  Used to create Intuition

Blue Calcite: extremely calming and soothing, helps you hear your own needs and encourages rest. Used to create Intuition

Blue Lace Agate: extremely calming, brings peace of mind.  Enhances communication and confidence in speaking your truth.  Used to create Relax

Blue Topaz: magnifies your psychic abilities, promotes sharing and communication.  Helps you realize what you do and don’t want in your life.  It’s a peaceful and emotional calming stone.  Used to create Intuition

Citrine: for radiant confidence and supportive boundaries.  Citrine is a bright stone of personal power and abundance.  Known as a stone of success, it invites unexpected blessings and supports you stepping into your personal power and creating empowered boundaries.  Used to create Confidence and Focus.  

Green Aventurine:  a lucky stone, great for manifesting wealth and opportunities.  Also known as a comforting and healing stone for your heart.   Helps soothe you as you create your work in the world.   Used to create Entrepreneurs Elixir. 

Green Beryl: to overcome any obstacle, make things happen and get things done.  Used in Focus and Entrepreneurs Elixir

Green Calcite:  extremely stable energy, great for manifesting prosperity and success.  A stone of manifestation because of it’s ability to increase success, business, prosperity and all kinds of fertility. Used in Abundance and Entrepreneurs Elixir

Grossularite: a powerful prosperity and abundance stone, great for bringing your visions to life.  A stone of empowerment.  Used to create Entrepreneurs Elixir.  

Hemimorphite: clear blocks to real love and connection.  Helps enhance self-esteem.  Used to create Pleasure

Jade: to draw money into your life, also good for love and protection from misfortunes. Used to create Entrepreneurs Elixir

Lapis: to connect to your truth, inner wisdom and intuition. Used to create Intuition

Lemon Chrysoprase: stay centered in your heart, helps prepare you for a new or deeper relationship.  Helps increase your motivation, inspiration and openness to new directions and possibilities.   Used to create Pleasure

Nephrite Jade: enhances creativity and abundance.  It is said to bless anything it comes in contact with and is deeply connected to grace and dreams.  Reduces self-imposed limitations. Used in Abundance.  

Olive Jade: attracts prosperity and wealth, money draw.  Enhances growth and receptivity. Used in Abundance.  

Raw Rainbow Fluorite: to help you show up for your life purpose and walk your path. Enhances order and stability, and is a protective stone.  Used to create Entrepreneurs Elixir

Red Aventurine: for taking action towards your dreams and desires, inviting in more earth and fire energy, fans the flames of your zest for life.  Used to create Confidence and Pleasure. 

Rose Quartz: soothes your heart.  This is the stone of love and self-love.  It’s gentle, compassionate, tender and healing. Used to create Pleasure and Relax

Ruby in Fuchsite: to dissolve emotional blocks holding you back. Opens up the connection between your mind and your heart.  Used to create Entrepreneurs Elixir

Serpentine: found locally on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California. Pure mountain energy, deeply grounding, cool under pressure and and gently energizing.   Serpentine is known to open new paths and help clear emotional blocks.  Used to create Grounding

Snakeskin Agate: promotes inner peace, self love and love of life.  Used to create Pleasure and Relax.  

Tangerine Quartz: helps you put the past behind you and be in the present.  Enhances connection to creativity and sexuality.  Used to create Pleasure

Planetary events, what they mean and why I chose them for my gem essences

Full Moon: Full Moons are radiant, bright, glowing, and magical.  They’re a great time to let things go, as the moon naturally wanes to a new moon, there’s a natural letting go built into this phase of the lunar cycle.  I create essences under a full moon to infuse the blend with radiance and fullness, and to enable you to let go of whatever’s blocking you towards embodying that fullness.  

New Moon: New Moons are a great time for looking inward and manifesting.  As the moon grows into a full moon, there’s a natural growth and expansion energy that it carries with it, so intentions that are set under a new moon carry that growth energy with them.   New Moons are a great time to get quiet, be with your darkness, listen to yourself, and focus on yourself and what you truly want.   A much more introspective, internal energy than a full moon.  I create essences under new moons that require more quiet and calm introspection.  

Black Moon: The second new moon in a month, which is a rare occurrence.  They represent extremely feminine energy and can unlock great clarity.  It’s an especially potent new moon, one that calls you deeper into yourself.   I created Pleasure under a black moon to infuse it with a deeply feminine awakening and connection to self.  

Meteor shower: Signifies breaking through, breakthrough, and making things happen.   As the meteors fall to earth they’re completing their journey and are ultimately transformed by it. I created Focus under a meteor shower to infuse the blend with breakthrough and action oriented energy.   

Summer Solstice: In the Northern Hemisphere, summer solstice is the longest day of the year, in 2016 there was also a full moon that evening, a Strawberry Moon, known for it’s color and closeness to Strawberry season.  I created blends under this unique combination, last thought to have happened during the summer of love in 1967, to infuse the blends with radiance, fullness and a unique moment in time.  Letting the sun and moon infuse the blends gave them an extreme dose of radiance and power.