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How do I choose which blend is right for me?

I'd start by asking yourself what you'd like more of in your life, or need help accomplishing.  Would you like more confidence? Abundance? Focus? Do you need support with your boundaries (protect) or grounding yourself? 

If you're still having trouble choosing, I'd take this quiz to find out your Frequency.  Each blend, in addition to being created with a specific intention, was created to help support one of the Frequencies. The quiz will tell you what your three Frequencies are.  There's a Frequency for your foundational self, romantic and professional aspects of your life.  When you get your results, think about which aspect of your life you'd like extra support around, and buy the blend(s) that support that side of you. 

If you'd like to talk it through, feel free to email me at 

How are the blends made?

Each blend starts with thinking about the desired outcome for the user.  Once the intention is clear, stones are collected that support that action or outcome.  I then consider what astrological energies might also support that result.  From there I plan a time to hike out into nature to charge the water. 

I use a double distillation method so the crystals don't go directly in the water, therefore not accidentally exposing anyone to potentially toxic metals.  I put the crystals in a glass jar, and place that glass jar in a larger bowl of water.  I then set that under the sun/moon/stars to allow the water to charge with both the crystal vibrations and astrological energy away from human interference.   

Towards the end of the ritual, I speak affirmations and prayers to the water, adding messages and words that support the intention of the blend.  

When the water is fully charged, it's mixed with glycerine to preserve the cellular charge of the water.   From there it's bottled and shipped out to you.  

Some of the stones in your blends contain toxic metals, are they safe to ingest?

Yes, as mentioned above, I use a double distillation method because some of the properties of crystals can be toxic when put in water and ingested. This means I put the crystals in a glass jar, and then put that jar in a bowl of water, so the crystals are never directly in the water and thus unable to leach toxic metals into the essences. I find it's safer to double distill all my blends to avoid any confusion over toxicity.  

Are your essences safe to take while pregnant or breast feeding? 

My essences are preserved in food grade glycerine, which is a category C grade from the FDA.  They suggest you only eat glycerine when you're pregnant or breast feeding when the benefits outweigh the risks, and there have been no conclusive tests done on the subject.  If you want to use your essences while pregnant or breast feeding, I suggest putting a few drops on your wrist like French perfume.  You'll get the energetic support topically without ingesting anything.  As always, use caution and listen to your doctor or midwife.