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Custom Blends

Want some some earth magic and tailored crystal medicine for a specific situation, moment or year ahead? 

Your custom blend includes a 40 minute coach-sultation. My background is in life + business coaching, so you'll get some good solid support on the call, as well as space to talk about what's going on for you and dive deeper into how your blend can best support you. 

After our call, I will design and create a unique gem essence blend that is crafted specifically for you.  It will be shipped out in a 4 ounce bottle directly to your home. 

These sessions are $150 and you can book yours here.  Once payment comes through I'll send you some intake questions and my calendar link for our consultation call.  Since my blends are made with specific, supportive astrological moments, we'll talk about timing of when you can expect your blend delivered on the call.  Because of this, I can't guarantee your blend will be ready by a certain date, so if there's a big moment or event coming up that you'd like to have your blend ready by, book your session well in advance.  

I also create custom blends for gift bags, event favors and client appreciations.  It's a great way to make your guests feel supported, pampered and magical.  If you're interested in that, contact me.  

"I wanted to express my gratitude again for your customized essence. I took it everyday before heading into work at my old job and I believe that I saw it's cumulative magic effects in July.

My interview process went at lightening speed. Not only that, I left my old company on remarkably good terms with everyone there - even the exceptionally toxic individuals I was fleeing. Again, thank you for the part you played in the massive success that came about last month." - Hannah D.