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About the Maker


I've been obsessed with rocks since I was a kid.  Every time I went anywhere, I'd fill my pockets with a stone or shell to remind me of where I'd been.  The earth has always spoken to me in this way. 

I've always loved helping people -- when my friends are sick I love helping them find the best holistic way to care for themselves.  This propensity to want to help everyone, combined with my love of rocks which lead to a long term relationship with crystals is what inspired me to create these gem essences. 

I believe that there's a whole world of energetic, magical support out there, and you don't have to know what that is or practice magic to access it.   I love introducing people to new ways of engaging with nature, crystals, and themselves. 

I make all my gem essences by hand and they are infused with so much love, intention and literal affirmations -- I talk to them as they brew. 

I'm also a business strategist for small business owners.  My frequency work maps well to the gem essences, so if you don't know which one to pick, should hop on over and find your frequency, which will tell you which gem essence would be the most supportive to you.  

I'm also a podcast host of Money Making Magic: Business Lessons with Ellen Ercolini

I have a small dog named Huxley and love to Blues Dance.  

It's my total honor and privilege to make these, and I am delighted they are finding their way in the world and into new hands.  I hope you find them incredibly supportive.