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Relax Gem Essence

Relax Gem Essence

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Ever wished you could have something in your pocket that would help you chill out? Something to give your heart and mind a gentle nudge to let whatever it is go? Something to help your mind unwind and relax, so you can breathe easier?
Each hand-crafted bottle of Relax Gem Essence was created with intention under a full moon to pack an extra planetary punch. Not only is this essence charged with the unique combination of crystals, but also gentle full moon beams also infuse the blend. The crystals in this essence were intentionally chosen to support you in unwinding and releasing your worries go. It's a trip to the spa in a bottle.  Easy to use on overwhelming days or part of your nighttime relaxing routine. 

Contains essences of:
  • Rose Quartz: soothes your heart, the stone of love and self-love, gentle, compassionate, tender and healing.
  • Snakeskin Agate: promotes inner peace and self love.
  • Blue Lace Agate: extremely calming, brings peace of mind.
  • Amethyst: relaxing, soothing, promotes connection to higher wisdom.
Preserved in organic glycerine and distilled water.  Vegan and cruelty free. 1 ounce bottle. 

Take a few drops on your tongue or add to your water bottle to unwind and relax.

Pairs well with:
Trust - to trust in yourself, your knowing or your truth as you relax and unwind. 
Grounding - For a sense of grounded calm.
The Frequency Method: 

Certain blends were created to support specific Frequencies. Relax was blended to support Iron and Gold Frequencies. These energies can a hard time relaxing and winding, tipping towards anxious or stressed more easily than others.  

If you have one of those in your Frequency combination, or are in a month or year of one of those energies, Relax will be incredibly supportive to you.  Curious what your Frequency is? Find out here.