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Intuition Gem Essence

Intuition Gem Essence

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Ever wished you could have something in your pocket that would help you be able to hear your inner voice better? Something that helps you connect to your own magic and amplify your intuition so you can use it in your life.

Each hand-crafted bottle of Intuition Gem Essence was created with intention under a black new moon, a particularly potent and rare new moon, the second in a calendar month, to pack an extra planetary punch. Not only is this essence charged with the unique combination of crystals, but also the deep mystical and introspective energy of the new moon also infuse the blend. The crystals in this essence were intentionally chosen to aid in cultivating, listening to, and expressing your intuition. 

Contains essences of:

  • Blue Topaz: magnifies your physic abilities, promotes sharing and communication.
  • Blue Aventurine: to clear out old energy and make space for inner growth and spiritual work.
  • Lapis: to connect to your truth and intuition.
  • Blue Calcite: extremely calming and soothing, helps you hear your own needs.
  • Amethyst: extremely soothing, helps you relax and connect with yourself.
  • Angel Aura Quartz: enhances your communication with your spirit guides and guardians, promotes inner peace and is really supportive to your manifestations.

Preserved in organic glycerine and distilled water.  Vegan and cruelty free. 1 ounce bottle.

Take a few drops on your tongue or add to your water bottle to infuse yourself with an an intuitive and magical boost.

Pairs well with:
Trust, to help you cultivate self-trust as you work with your intuition.

Protect, making sure you've got good boundaries and aren't taking on other people's energy.  

Create your own three pack. 




The Frequency Method:
Certain blends were created to support specific Frequencies. Intuition was blended to support the Water Frequency.

If you have Water in your Frequency combination, or are in a Water month or year, Intuition will be incredibly supportive to you.  Curious what your Frequency is? Find out here.